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A tuition-free part-time pre-apprenticeship programme based in London.

About the Programme

The Skills Bootcamp is offered three times a year and requires a commitment of two evenings and an additional 10+ hours of self-study and projects per week. Due to COVID-19, the course is currently virtual.

  1. Weeks 1-3: Markup

    Git workflow, CSS layout, semantic HTML, web accessibility, HTML forms

  2. Weeks 4-6: HTTP

    Functions, callbacks, and asynchronous JavaScript; fetch and promises; reading code

  3. Weeks 7-9: Testing

    Testing libraries, unit testing, integration testing, variable scoping, debugging, test-driven development, writing code

  4. Weeks 10-12: Interviews

    Interview preparation, final project, employer interviews

Upcoming Cohorts

* Completing the part-time Skills Bootcamp does not guarantee an apprenticeship.

How to apply

We recommend starting the process 3-6 months before the application is due. Candidates need to complete all of the following requirements:

  1. Check your eligibility

    In order to apply to our programme, applicants must:

  2. Join us on Discord

    If you’re eligible, we’ll send you an invite to Founders and Coders’ community on Discord. Most of our successful applicants use our Discord as a place to ask questions, collaborate with other applicants, and learn how to code with each other. Plus, it's where we have our virtual classrooms so it's good to get familiar with it early!

  3. Understand the fundamentals

    Learn the essentials of web development, so each new cohort starts on the same page. Create a freeCodeCamp account, then complete these sections of freeCodeCamp's curriculum.

  4. Practice your skills

    We've put together a series of prompts designed to help you bring all the different skills you've learned together. Complete all of the listed prompts.

  5. Create an application website

    Show us what you’ve learned and let us know why you think you’re a good fit for our programme. Create a website that fulfills all of these required criteria.

  6. Apply for the course

    Complete the application form. You’ll hear from us if you’ve been selected for an interview.

Who can apply to Founders and Coders?

We welcome candidates from all backgrounds and experience levels. Coding experience is helpful, but not required. Our application process grounds candidates in the basics before the course begins. We’re looking for candidates that:

A diverse community is a strong community

The tech industry is disproportionately white, male, and university-educated. We’re looking for candidates who can help us fulfil our goal of making the tech industry a more diverse and inclusive place. Founders and Coders prioritises marginalised people’s safety over the comfort of the privileged. Research how to be a good ally to those who are under-represented in tech so you can be a positive influence on your cohort, and in the industry you are joining.

Amy, 2021
I had no clue what to do with my life after I graduated uni. I’m so glad I found Founders and Coders. We got to work on projects that benefited the community. I’m over the moon with my current employer. I never envisioned myself in a job I found interesting — let alone for a company that I find exciting.
Chun, 2021
I had dabbled in making websites for fun but thought coding as a career would be too difficult and it felt daunting to suddenly change paths. The FAC community is one of the most welcoming spaces I have ever been a part of. I am so happy that I joined. It has opened up so many possibilities in life for me.
Neville, 2021
I took my first steps into coding when I volunteered to run a coding club at my son’s primary school. I loved it. As someone a little older with competing responsibilities, Founders and Coders helped me to see a viable career path in software development. I’m so glad I pursued my passion.
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