Prompts are a set of exercises intended to get you thinking about coding and solving problems.

The prompts don’t cover everything you might like to learn about. We’d like to give you space to explore and build your knowledge using the prompts as a starting point.

As you work through, you’ll be introduced to new topics to help you build your knowledge; understand how to build websites; and how the parts of a website fit together.

When you reach git and GitHub, you’ll be able to post your prompts online. We’ll look through what you’ve uploaded to GitHub when you make your application.

Before you get started, have a look through our how to guide and how we suggest approaching problems.

You can view the prompts by clicking the topic below.

  1. Tribute Page
  2. Functions
  3. DOM
  4. Array Methods
  5. Git and GitHub
  6. FlexBox
  7. Objects
  8. Build a feature