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Something in me whispered: “Be the builder”

Former Gaza Code Academy facilitator Yasmin Hillis, a self-declared hippie at heart, talks about how Virginia Woolf inspired her to begin writing code.

Founders and Coders

How two friends changed careers, learned to code, and built a startup

Katerina Pascoulis and Ruth Uwemedimo talk about what they learned from freelancing and why they love working together at Personably

Founders and Coders

Connecting the dots - A story of learning to code and giving back

Fatimat Gbajabiamila talks about challenging stereotypes, her love for pair programming, and why she’s committed to giving back

Founders and Coders

How to run free, peer-led coding bootcamps - an interview with Dan Sofer

Dan Sofer talks about running free, peer-led coding bootcamps in London and Gaza and why he loves working with nonprofits

Founders and Coders

From Coders to Founders: The Workerbird story

How Becky Botha and Johanna Herman learnt to code and launched Workerbird, a Tech for Good startup, in less than a year.

Founders and Coders

“The biggest challenge is checking yourself at the door”

Matt King talks about his experiences mentoring and facilitating at Founders and Coders in London…

Founders and Coders

Stories about us

How studying law helped me with programming

When I decided to learn to code, I didn’t expect there to be anything other than work ethic that would be transferable from my law degree.

Katerina Pascoulis

London tech developers to set up new worker co-op

InFact Digital will work with charities, non-profits and businesses to solve their organisational problems

Anca Voinea

Building Little Window: how we created a chatbot for Chayn

Little Window — one of the first chatbot and AI innovations at the intersection of gender-based violence and tech for good.

Johanna Herman

The Mothercode: career-changing into tech with kids

What I learnt whilst embarking on a career switchup in the midst of family life.

Johanna Herman

4 Ways I Got Into My Dream Coding Bootcamp And How You Can Too

I’d imagined my reaction to a “yes” in many ways but couldn’t quite brace myself for the moment.

Jem Abulhawa

You might not need that $15K coding bootcamp

Coding bootcamps have exploded in popularity the past few years. I’m not against them. If they help you get started on a well-paid career in tech, \$15,000 USD might be worth it.

Per Harald Borgen

Fusing nonprofits with tech talent

Throw together four of the UK’s most innovative charities (aka our debut Fusiliers), 16 mega-brains in the form of Founders & Coders’ latest cohort


Perspectives: technology, mental health and children and young people

We’ve known for a while that the learning collaborative needs ways of accelerating the use of digital technology in children and young people’s mental health services.

Healthy London Partnership

How I learnt to code in a scarily short space of time

Six months ago I left my “wow, what you do sounds really interesting” job so I could teach myself to code. Before that happened there were multiple abandoned attempts to start learning. I wanted to write about that part for anyone who is as stuck as I was.

Katerina Pascoulis

How To Choose The Right Coding Bootcamp

Last year I went through the Founders and Coders (FAC) software training program in London in order to turn my hobby into a living.

Per Harald Borgen

How I Became a Web Developer in 5 Months

One year ago I was a non-technical founder of a startup at the edge of bankruptcy. Today I work as a front end developer.

Per Harald Borgen

Not a hacker or a hipster: How I got my first start-up job

I was first introduced to start-ups as a career choice during my post-uni “I’m not getting a city job” phase. Although that’s still going strong I know a whole lot more about start-ups than I did back then.

Katerina Pascoulis

In the press

Palestinian 'geeks' code their way to a better future in Gaza

Coding is empowering a new generation of Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip and helping many find work.

Fedaa al-Qedra, Al Jazeera

Boot camp rebels: tech developers quit corporate careers

Disappointed with “big tech”, coders are starting social impact start-ups. To some, technology companies represent the future — a world in which society’s rules have been rewritten. To others, they just offer more of the same.

Aliya Ram, Financial Times

The Free Coding Academy Model -- How To Teach Our Next Generation Of Programmers

The world needs more trained software engineers; it’s a basic fact. The world also urgently needs more of those trained software engineers to be female from an equality and diversity perspective; this is also a basic fact that is (thankfully) increasingly widely acknowledged.

Adrian Bridgwater, Forbes

Get with the program: the coders offering training for free

It’s the must-have skill-set of the 21st century, yet unless you’re rich enough to afford the training, or fortunate enough to be attending the right school, the barriers to learning can be high. Now a movement of pioneering coders is challenging the stereotype by offering free training for all