"Some of the smartest, most committed, most diverse developers you will find anywhere"

An apprenticeship training that cultivates problem solving and instils a lifelong love of learning

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No other apprenticeship provider puts as much care and attention into training their apprentices

Our candidates typically complete close to 1,000 hours of learning by the time they complete their apprenticeship, including 500 hours before you even meet them.

Candidates go through a rigorous selection process. Every term, over 1,200 people express interest in studying with us. Typically, only 12 candidates make it onto our Foundation programme.

Employers appreciate the diversity of our candidates, their high level of preparation, their willingness to learn, and the continuing opportunities for professional development with us well beyond the end of the apprenticeship.

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The community is the reason why I chose Founders and Coders. Everyone is here to share knowledge and help each other.
Natalie Seeto
Senior Software Engineer, Justice Digital
The training instilled in me an enthusiasm to learn which 5 years later I am still benefiting from.
Amelie Chan
Software Engineer, Amazon
Founders and Coders gave me confidence and taught me the joys and rewards of tackling a problem together.
Helen Zhou
Senior Data Engineer, Thoughtworks

How it works

  1. Meet

    Answer questions from candidates on our Foundation programme.

  2. Select

    Set screening questions and a technical challenge, followed by interviews.

  3. Hire

    Make offers to the candidates that best meet your needs.

What employers say

Some of the smartest, most committed, most diverse developers you will find anywhere.
Mike Hancock
CTO, Fluidly
FAC graduates show a commitment to the technical and non-technical skills that we prize.
Jim Suchy
Managing Director, 8th Light UK
We couldn't be happier with the calibre of candidates we've hired and the impact they've had.
Jack Rans
Principal Engineer, Opvia

Your questions answered

How is the apprenticeship training funded?

The apprenticeship is funded by the Department for Education.

Who are the candidates?

They are a diverse mix of returners, career changers, graduates and school leavers, with an age range from 19 to over 50.

How long is the apprenticeship?

The apprentice contract is for 21 months (which is the “typical duration” of this apprenticeship standard), although our typical time to completion is 15 months (the timetable we actually work towards).

What do apprentices get paid?

Our recommended apprentice starting salary is now £18,000, rising to £24,000 after the full-time training, with subsequent reviews at regular intervals.

How is the training structured?

- 12-week full-time training at the beginning of employment;
- Weekly follow-up sessions over the length of the apprenticeship;
- Up to two weeks at the end of the apprenticeship to complete a final project report.

What if we want to retrain our own staff?

We welcome candidates sponsored by their current employers and, just like any other candidate, we will give them all the support they need to prepare for their apprenticeship.

What do apprentices learn?

Our core curriculum is based around the modern JavaScript web stack, including Node.js Express, React and Next.js. We also cover HTML/CSS, Git, SQL and Scrum.

What about other software stacks?

Given a sufficient number of learners, we can tailor an apprenticeship curriculum to your needs. We also run a Machine Learning apprenticeship for more experienced developers.

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