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Who we are

Founders and Coders is a UK-based non-profit that provides tuition-free training and paid apprenticeships in software development. We're based in London at Space4 in Finsbury Park.

Since 2014, we've worked to democratise the tech sector and make tech education accessible to everyone. We deliver training programmes in the modern web stack (Javascript, Node.js, React). Our part-time Skills Bootcamp prepares learners for a full-time, paid Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship with one of our employment partners in London.

Our programmes

A diverse community is a strong community

We’re looking for candidates who can help us fulfil our goal of making the tech industry a more diverse and inclusive place. Research how to be a good ally to those who are under-represented in tech so you can be a positive influence on your cohort, and in the industry you are joining.

Who can apply to Founders and Coders?

We welcome candidates from all backgrounds and experience levels. Coding experience is helpful, but not required. Our application process grounds candidates in the basics before the course begins. We’re looking for candidates that:

  • Work well with others.

    To create a collaborative, peer-led environment, we prioritise a cohesive cohort over individual aptitude.

  • Aren’t afraid of making mistakes.

    Coding is a process of trial and error. It’s okay to break things. Finding your own solutions to problems is an indispensable skill for a developer.

  • Are eager to learn.

    Successful candidates engage in self-study and research outside of the classroom. You'll need to be dedicated to succeed.

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