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  1. Join our community

    Work on your portfolio with other applicants on Discord and at our events.


  2. Software Foundation

    Join a cohort to continue learning and interview with employers.

    12 weeks, part-time

  3. Software Developer

    Join an employer full-time and train as a software developer apprentice.

    21 months or less

Learn as part of our community

Learn to code with a set of learning resources and projects which will guide you through the fundamentals of web development. Join other applicants at meetups and in our Discord community.

Software Foundation

The Skills Bootcamp is offered three times a year and requires a commitment of two evenings of attending online group study sessions, and an additional 10+ hours of self-study and project work per week.

  1. Weeks 1-3: Markup

    Git workflow, CSS layout, semantic HTML, web accessibility, HTML forms

  2. Weeks 4-6: HTTP

    Functions, callbacks, and asynchronous JavaScript; fetch and promises; reading code

  3. Weeks 7-9: Testing

    Testing libraries, unit testing, integration testing, variable scoping, debugging, test-driven development, writing code

  4. Weeks 10-12: Interviews

    Interview preparation, final project, employer interviews

Software Developer Apprenticeship

If you receive an apprenticeship offer on our Skills Bootcamp:

  1. Employment and training course begin

    You'll start your apprenticeship by completing our 12-week full-time training, learning alongside the other apprentices on your cohort

  2. Join employer full time

    You'll work with your employer for 12-15 months, gaining real-world coding experience.

  3. Complete End-Point assessment

    The final step in your apprenticeship is your assessment. Submit your portfolio and complete a final project.

What you'll learn

The full-time programme gives you 12 weeks of immersive instruction in the modern web stack, culminating in a Tech for Better project — where apprentices build a web app for a real client.

  1. Backend

    Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, Cypress Testing, Cookie Authentication

  2. Frontend


  3. Full-Stack

    Next.js & Serverless Functions

  4. Design Sprint

    Design Thinking, User Research, Prototyping & Usability Testing

  5. Long Project

    Building a project as a team using an Agile/Scrum workflow

  6. Tech for Better

    Building a project with a Product Owner

Upcoming Cohorts

* Completing the part-time Software Foundation does not guarantee an apprenticeship.


In simple terms, you are eligible if you have lived in the UK or Europe continuously for the last 3 years, or you have refugee or asylum status.

There are a number of other ways you might be eligible for an apprenticeship. View the full eligibility criteria. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please email us at

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