Tech for Better

Your ideas can make the world a better place.

A programme for founders, social entrepreneurs and charity workers to learn Product Management by working with a Product Team to design, build and test a new digital service. Working with developers in London and Palestine, and supported by Intersticia and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Lucy Cranwell-Ward

Upskill Me
This innovative programme was transformational in launching my startup. The developers were extremely passionate, considerate and easy to work with, and they understood the huge problem that I was trying to solve. I am so grateful for this programme giving me the chance to bring my idea to life!

Caitriona Watters,

Prepare Me,
Tech for Better exceeded my expectations 10 fold! I learnt so much. The entire programme was intense, full of energy, creativity and innovation and above all thoroughly enjoyable.

Rachel Butt,

The Advocacy Project,
The whole experience has been so enriching and I have nothing but gratitude for the whole shebang! We've come away with an amazing product that we're looking to develop and I've found a deep love for tech and its potential to make the world a better place.

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