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Our programme is designed for people who are serious about a career in web development, are comfortable with uncertainty, can take initiative, and believe strongly in the value of community and helping others.

This is a 12-week part-time web development programme starting January 10th 2022. It is designed to get you ready to interview with employers for our Level 4 Software Developer apprenticeship. It will require a commitment of two evenings per week and an additional 10 hours minimum of self-study.

  1. Check your eligibility

    In order to apply to our programme, you must:

  2. Learn the fundamentals

    freeCodeCamp is a great resource when you’re just starting out in your web dev journey. It has lessons on all the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    Create a freeCodeCamp account, then complete these sections of freeCodeCamp’s curriculum.

  3. Practice your skills

    We’ve put together a series of prompts designed to help you bring all the different skills you’ve learned together.

    Complete all of the prompts listed.

    You do not have to complete the previous Codewars kata requirement.

  4. Create an application website

    We want to see the culmination of everything you’ve learned, and to read about why you think you’re a good fit for our programme.

    Create a website that fulfills all of these required criteria.

  5. Apply for the course

    Complete our application form and wait to find out if you are invited to interview.

    All the above requirements are mandatory for us to consider your application.

What kind of people are we looking for?

We get asked this a lot, so we’re going to elaborate a little bit here. Firstly, we prioritise a cohesive cohort of people who we think will work well together over any strong individual candidates.

Learning to code is just part of what makes you a good developer. We’re looking for candidates who can help us fulfil our goal of making the tech industry a more diverse and inclusive place. This means people who are excited to be part of a collaborative, peer-led learning environment. You should be willing to sacrifice some personal gain for the group’s learning. For example, we’d rather a group presents a technically incomplete project than one person stays up late writing code that no one else understands.

The tech industry is disproportionately white, male and university-educated. If this describes you please reflect on how you can help change this. Do some research on how to be a good ally to those who are under-represented in tech so you can be a positive influence on your cohort.

Finding your own solutions to problems is an indispensable skill for a developer. We’d like you to apply these same google-skills to educating yourself on the important social issues including (but not limited to) those touched on above.

Founders and Coders will always prioritise marginalised people’s safety over the comfort of the privileged. If you don’t like the sound of any of this then we’d ask you to reconsider your application.

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